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Move Management Services

  • Getting your home ready for sale.

  • Relocation Assistance - coming to London from another city?   We can help you find the necessary resources.

  • Sale/Donation/Disposal of unwanted items.

  • Arranging for and supervision of movers.

  • Arranging for and supervision of contractors.

  • Setting up and organizing your new home.

  • Estate Clear outs.

  • Clearing out retirement suites.



The Mobile Butler is committed to the practise of Social Responsibility and improving the lives of Londoners.  


Donating Your Used Items

Moving and/or downsizing  gives us the opportunity to go through our 

belongings and purge those items that we no longer need or use.  We are happy to arrange for the donation of these items to the charity of your choice.  Or, we ask that you consider donating to some very worthwhile local organizations that we are proud to partner with.  Our clients get a great deal of satisfaction from knowing that their donations are making a real difference in someone's life.


The Mobile Butler proudly supports these local organizations:

  • My Sister's Place

  • Rotholme Woman's Shelter

  • CMHA London Middlesex Housing Initiatives

  • Habitat for Humanity Restore

  • Youth Opportunities Unlimited 

  • The Members of the Pillar Nonprofit Network


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