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We specialize in Senior Move Management

Moving is difficult at any time but downsizing as we age presents a unique set of challenges.  Our homes and possessions hold so many special memories and letting go can be difficult.  We understand that.  Having an objective third party make suggestions and recommendations can ease the stress for you and your family as you go through the moving process. 

Why should you hire a Senior Move Manager?
  • We bring an objective third party perspective.

  • We handle the physical aspects of your move.

  • We provide a move manager who will work closely with you to understand your needs. 

  • You don't have to rely on the availability of family and friends.

  • We use our experience to assist, make recommendations and help guide you through the process but you always remain in charge.



Some of our Senior move services
  • Help with making address changes and cancelling/setting up utilities.

  • Working with you to help decide which furniture pieces will fit into your new home and providing customized floor plans.

  • Shopping for items for your new home. 

  • Assistance with downsizing. 

  • Help decluttering prior to the sale of your home. 

  • Help with selecting reputable service providers.

  • Supervision of movers during loading and unloading.

  • If you are moving to a retirement residence we will work closely with the residence to ensure a smooth transition. 
  • We can be on site at your new residence on move in day to ensure items are placed as per the floor plan.
  • We'll unpack and put personal items away and ensure that the utilities are working.  We'll even make your bed and hang the shower curtain. When you walk in the door it will feel like home.
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